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For over 30 years, Sawyer Products has been dedicated to offering more effective and reliable products for outdoor protection. Using science and rigorous testing, we’ve developed the most advanced and easy to use solutions in water treatment, insect  repellent, sunscreen, and first aid. Learn more about how we’re driving innovation to keep you safer.

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  • “I highly recommend the Sawyer Squeeze Filter system.  It’s fast and efficient.  No chemicals.”

    Jackie McDonnell
    Yogi’s Hiking Guides, www.pcthandbook.com
  • “For me though, I was a huge fan of chemicals for quite a while, but decided to give the Squeeze a try, and once I did, I have been hooked. Now, the Squeeze is my method of choice when it comes to water treatment; however, it looks like the Squeeze has been knocked out of its place in exchange for the Mini!”

    Chad Poindexter
    Stick’s, www.sticksblog.com
  • “I’ve been using their Squeeze Filter/Personal Water Bottle Filter for over a year now for climbing, summer ski mountaineering, backpacking, and trail running and have been very pleased so far. These have now been the only two filters that have come with me since last summer 2012.”

    Nick Traux
    On The Mountain, www.nicktruax.com
  • “When all things are considered, the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System is simply the best overall lightweight filter on the market whether for lightweight backpackers or anyone looking for an inexpensive, lightweight and effective water filter in a very reasonably-sized package.”

    Jolly Green Giant, www.jolly-green-giant.blogspot.com
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