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Sawyer Products is an American outdoor gear company with a mission to create simply better products. We use the best technology to make simple products that impact the world. Our goal is that everyone who uses one of our products can’t help but tell everyone about it.

Below we have a collection of reviews, awards, testimonials and stories from around the globe about how Sawyer is making an impact. Also, please check out our list of Sawyer Ambassadors.


“Water For Madre, a non-profit grass roots organization based in Kansas City, MO, has begun working with the people of Santa Maria Madre de Los Pobres in San Salvador, El Salvador to bring clean, healthy water to families in desperate need. We are proud of these 10 families receiving their Sawyer water filters, training, health checks and other materials necessary for success. ..We are starting out strong and won’t stop until all families have “Healthy Water – Happy Kids”.”

Water for Madre – El Salvador

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